Ceramic films for cars, advantages

Ceramic film is a modern type of coating used in various fields, in particular, for car window tinting. Find more here: ceramic tint brands

Fusion Ceramic Films are non-standard tinted or metallized films. The use of spatter technology for the deposition of pre-oxidized (specially oxidized) metals made it possible to create a unique material. It is resistant to fading, discoloration, demetallization, and has a lifetime warranty.

The ceramic film provides excellent thermal protection of the vehicle interior. It blocks most infrared rays. In this case, the film can be practically transparent, that is, it can transmit a large amount of visible light. Another name for such a film is athermal ( code IR 80 S ).

Ceramic films Fusion F 20 and F 35 have an increased density (2 mil) due to special covalent compounds of metals and ceramics, and are classified as impact resistant. An additional advantage is that they do not interfere with the operation of mobile devices, GPS systems, satellite radio systems.

Characteristics of ceramic film

Ceramic film is ideal for car tinting, because it:

● has sufficient transparency;

● has increased thermal protection and sun reflection;

● receives a lifetime warranty against burnout, discoloration, demetallization;

● protects the glass from scattering during an accident or an attempt to break it;

● blocks 99% of UV rays, which prevents interior fading.

Ceramic film is the best means for car tinting, the standard among modern films for car windows.

Advantages and Uses of Film

Ceramic automotive films are distinguished by their high density and in addition they:

✓ guarantee a premium car appearance;

✓ protect the interior from overheating;

✓ protect against uneven interior fading;

✓ prevent glass from spilling into fragments in the event of an accident.

Ceramic light car film is worth buying when it is necessary to reduce the degree of heating inside the cabin and at the same time leave the car externally not tinted. This athermal film is produced using an original technology, is perfect for windshield and reflects a significant amount of infrared radiation.

Another area of ​​application of ceramic film is gluing in glass windows. Thanks to this material, the premises are kept warm in winter and cool in the summer months. Using film will reduce the cost of indoor air conditioning.

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